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Are Heart Rate Monitors Accurate?

We compare fitness products and today we are asking the question, are heart rate monitors accurate? The Scosche Fitness Heart Rate Monitor Rhythm+ and the Apple iWatch topped our must test list. We conducted a thorough evaluation and decided to jot down our findings. It began as a simple means of finding the best heart rate monitors for a contest, but when it came to fitness and health, having top-notch equipment mattered, perhaps more than we first realized. Avid runners and weekend bicyclists, we were the perfect candidates for the study.

iWatch Heart Rate Monitor

We were not sent an iWatch so it is difficult to test, but since this came out after our awards we felt it was important to to do a little research.

Yes, the iWatch claims to be an excellent heart rate monitor; however, we have found many blogs that say it isn't living up to the hype.

Here is an article written by Jon, a consultant for Scosche.


Scosche Responds First

Scosche followed through and are we glad. Keeping track of heart rates ranks high in the world of fitness and the Scosche Rhythm+ Heart Rate Monitor proved to be the best. This armband heart rate monitor provides a perfect alternative to the original chest strap version. We all tried it here and agree that workouts were more effective with a high functioning heart rate product. The Rhythm+ Heart Rate Monitor did just the trick. Once again, Scosche, thanks for sending us your heart rate monitor and congrats on the win!