Are Heart Rate Monitors Accurate?

We compare fitness products and today we are asking the question, are heart rate monitors accurate? The Scosche Fitness Heart Rate Monitor Rhythm+ and the Apple iWatch topped our must test list. We conducted a thorough evaluation and decided to jot down our findings. It began as a simple means of finding the best heart rate monitors for a contest, but when it came to fitness and health, having top-notch equipment mattered, perhaps more than we first realized. Avid runners and weekend bicyclists, we were the perfect candidates for the study.

Research shows that heart rate accuracy is the top priority on the fitness product trail. People want to look down at their heart rate monitor and get an accurate and detailed account of their heart rhythm. What we didn’t fully grasp, at first, was that the actual product weight made the biggest impact on the reading. This is where the Scosche Rhythm+ starting edging out Apple iWatch. The Rhythm+ is definitely lighter in weight and sits securely on the wrist, leading to a more precise reading. The less the monitor moves around, the truer the heart monitoring results.

Are Heart Rate Monitors Accurate?

Apparently, LED lights come in different colors for heart rate monitors and don’t necessarily work across the board. Who knew? The yellow LED light of the Scosche Rhythm+ works on all skin tones. Going with the yellow light cancels out one more potential problem in receiving reliable results. Everyone can wear the Scosche Rhythm+ with complete confidence.

As far as design goes, the Apple iWatch and Scoshe Rhythm+ Heart Rate Monitors are at a near dead heat, with the positive aesthetic appeal of both monitors quite obvious. There is, however, one tiebreaker in the mix. The Rhythm+ comes with a breathable strap, keeping the Scosche heart monitor in our first place spot.

Anyway you look at it, a dependable heart rate monitor adds to the safety of exercise routines. We opt for the Scoshe Rhythm+. What say you?