Best Heart Rate Monitor Winner

Scosche wins! The official winner of the Best Heart Rate Monitor goes to Scosche. The Scosche Fitness Heart Rate monitor comes with all the bells and whistles and won hands down. The video explains our findings and makes the fitness heart rate monitor choice a simple one.

Go with the best. Go with Scosche Fitness Heart Rate Monitor!

Best Heart Rate Monitor

This armband fitness heart rate monitor is $79.99 and well worth it.

Scosche won our Best Heart Rate Monitor challenge. This competition proved to be such a success that we're planning another fitness heart rate monitor contest in the near future. We encourage all companies to send in their monitor to receive the winner status and inbound links from this website.

Tune into the Scosche Twitter account to read further news about the Fitness Heart Rate Monitors.

Congratulations Scosche!


The Scosche Facebook page announces that the fitness heart rate monitor is the Best. We agree!

This fitness heart rate monitor makes workouts that much better. We love the Rhythm+ and you will too.