Who makes the best fitness heart rate monitor?

Heart rate monitors make a difference in fitness. This website promotes dependable exercise gadgets. We enlisted the assistance of fitness heart rate monitor manufacturers around the country, and simply asked them to send us their equipment. After receiving the much appreciated monitors and conducting our very own in-office tests, we compared the results, and now confidently post our findings. The ScoscheĀ  Fitness Heart Rate Monitor came out on top for reliability, effectiveness, and design.

Are Heart Rate Monitors Accurate?

We compare fitness products and today we are asking the question, are heart rate monitors accurate? The Scosche Fitness Heart Rate Monitor Rhythm+ and the Apple iWatch topped our must test list. We conducted a thorough evaluation and decided to jot down our findings. It began as a simple means of finding the best heart rate monitors for a contest, but when it came to fitness and health, having top-notch equipment mattered, perhaps more than we first realized. Avid runners and weekend bicyclists, we were the perfect candidates for the study.

Best Heart Rate Monitor Winner

Scosche wins! The official winner of the Best Heart Rate Monitor goes to Scosche. The Scosche Fitness Heart Rate monitor comes with all the bells and whistles and won hands down. The video explains our findings and makes the fitness heart rate monitor choice a simple one.

Go with the best. Go with Scosche Fitness Heart Rate Monitor!